"Putting All of the Pieces Together"

So that our clients may enjoy a worry-free retirement we strive to refine their approach to the Legal, Investment, Tax and Insurance issues facing each of them.  

It is through the coordination of each of these "pieces of the puzzle" that our clients are able to realize their dreams and avoid irreversible financial mistakes.

Those best served by our efforts are retired individuals, as well as, those individuals rapidly approaching their retirement who possess substantial net worth and have a desire to develop a relationship with a professional advisor with whom they can share their concerns for the future.

Roth IRA Conversion

This calculator can help you determine whether you should consider converting to a Roth IRA.

Cost of Retirement

Use this calculator to estimate how much income and savings you may need in retirement.

Estate Taxes

Use this calculator to estimate the federal estate taxes that could be due on your estate after you die.

Retirement Portfolio Lifespan

How Long Will Your Funds Last?

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Paying for Giving

When it comes to taxes, the giver could face tax liabilities that do not apply to the receiver.

The 1% Factor: A Way to Boost Retirement Savings

Several ideas that could help you save more without making major changes to your current lifestyle.

Tax Season Never Ends for the Self-Employed

Making accurate quarterly tax payments on schedule can help avoid interest penalties for underpayment.

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Various indicators (leading, coincident, and lagging) may be helpful to better understand economic trends.

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